Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to See the Future, c. 1450

"Dear Past, What will the future be like? Regards, The Present"

BL Royal 6 E IX, f. 24 (s. XIV)

Perhaps this divination method will help: 

"'Bismille araathe mem lismissa [etc.]' When he has recited this conjuration, the master should look in the mirror, and he will see an armed knight seated on a horse, and his squire accompanying him. The knight will dismount from the horse... and then the master may ask him about past, present, and future things, and he will at once give full response in writing."

          Anonymous Necromancer's Manual (15th century)

A clairvoyant knight in shining armor who specializes in essay questions? Sign me up.


  1. This "conjuration" sounds a lot like the Arabic "basmallah", which is recited by Muslims often before a meal or before starting to do something new. It is also recited at the beginning of any reading from the Qur'an. Very interesting that this would appear in a "Necromancer's Manual" as a key to mysterious visions!

  2. Hey I tried works