Friday, January 10, 2014

How to Make a Snow Pig, 1882

"Snow Statuary. The statuary may be of various kinds. It is very seldom that pigs are sculptured in marble or cast in bronze, and it would be well to make some of snow, so as to have statues not likely to be found elsewhere. An oblong mass of snow forms the body; the legs, nose, and ears are made of sticks surrounded by snow, and a bit of rope nicely curled will make a very good tail. The various parts can be shaped and carved according to the skill of the young artist. A number of pigs, of different sizes, will give a lively and social air to the yard of a snow-house." 
Daniel Carter Beard, What to Do and How to Do It (1882)
It's true that pig statuary is hard to come by, so if your decorating aesthetic tends toward the porcine, winter might be your chance to festoon your yard with a herd of various-sized pigs. Live the dream!


  1. Wow, rest of North America. I'm here in California wondering what you're all complaining about when you could have a herd of lively snow pigs by now.

  2. We've made these! They can be so cute.
    This year though, even though we have a lot of snow it's too dry to pack. It just crumbles.

  3. I can't decide which I like better, the snow pig or the unbelievably ambitious title of Beard's book.