Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to Make Your Own Lip Balm, 1595

"If one use to rub chapped or rough lippes with the sweate behind their eares, it will make them fine, smooth, and well culloured. Prooved."
Thomas Lupton, A Thousand Notable Things (1595)
Little did you know that you have the best lip balm right behind your ear! But don't reveal your secret, or your admirers may be weirded out. Prooved.


  1. I thought I was the only one who knew this valuable secret.

  2. And here I thought the only use for behind-ear moisture was as an aid to touchscreen conductivity when your hands are very dry.

  3. Apparently ear sweat has some admirers! Logical next experiment: smear lips with ear sweat; operate touchscreen with mouth.

  4. Ha, and there I was eating while reading this.
    Confirms my departure from natural ways.

    But, in a time of desperate need!