Friday, January 15, 2016

How to Improve In-Law Relations, c. 1470

J. Paul Getty Museum MS 27, f. 46v (c. 1430)
"If a woman very much wants her husband to love her relatives and friends whom he has never liked, when they come to visit her with their dog, she must collect urine from the dog and give some to her husband to drink, in barley beer or in a soup, without his knowledge. And after he has given a warm welcome to the dog, he will be friendly with the people the dog loves."  
The Distaff Gospels
Your husband will be humping the whole family's legs in no time.


  1. No better way to win someone over than to slip them some dog urine!

  2. If the choice is between getting along with your in-laws or risking having dog urine slipped into your drink, I think the preferred option is clear.


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