Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How to Make Chocolate, 1685

Joannes de Laet, L'histoire du Nouveau Monde, 1640
"Take seven hundred Cacao Nuts, a pound and a half of white Sugar, two ounces of Cinnamon, fourteen grains of Mexico Pepper, call'd Chile or Pimiento, half an ounce of Cloves, three little Straws or Vanilla's de Campeche, or for want thereof, as much Annis-Seed as will equal the weight of a shilling, or Achiot a small quantity as big as a Filbeard, which may be sufficient only to give it a colour; some add thereto Almonds, Filbeards, and the Water of Orange Flowers." 
The Manner of Making of Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate (1685)
Hankering for some spicy 17th-century chocolate? Well, what are you waiting for? Those seven hundred cacao nuts aren't going to count themselves.

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  1. Gosh, I hope my filbeards are the same size as other people's...