Friday, October 18, 2013

How to Light a Fire, 1628

"An easie way to procure Fire speedily. Take a round Glasse, and fill it with faire water, and set it against the Sun, so that it may stand fast: then take something that is very dry and hold it neere the Glasse (betweene the glasse and the Sun) and it will set the thing so holden on fire: which is very strange to behold, the rather, because Fire which is an hot and dry Element, is procured out of Water, which is a cold and moist Element."  
The Booke of Pretty Conceits (1628)
This is a great trick if you can get the angle just right. If not, though, you'll still end up with a nice glass of lukewarm water. Win!

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  1. Does faire water look different than regular water? I suppose you have to find it in the land that the faires' dwell...problem is, I have no idea where that is. Could anybody point me in the right direction?