Monday, August 18, 2014

How to Settle Your Stomach, 1695

"Excessive Drinking of Wine"
De conservanda bona valetudine (University of Pennsylvania)
"The Oyl of Wormwood by Decoction, Oyl of Quinces, and Oyl of Mastich, are reckoned by Authors the three Stomach Oyls, for outward Use, to strengthen the Stomach in Vomitings, &c. Two or three drops of the Chymical Oyl, is convenient in a Dose of Stomach Pills, in crapulent Cases, and after a drunken Debauch, to prevent Surfeiting, by cleansing the Stomach of filth and ill Humours.” 
William Westmacott, Historia vegetabilium sacra
Feeling crapulent? Just keep this toolkit of oils on hand for your next drunken debauch. Goodbye, vomitings!


  1. The herb wormwood's used in making absinthe and also can cause seizures! Think i'd rather power-thru the drunken debauch instead.

  2. But it says the three oils are for "outward use".... but 2 or 3 drops of the Chymical Oyl in a dose of stomach pills.... So is the Chymical Oyl a preparation of the oils... must check with my local wise woman first....

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