Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to Write an Essay, 1886

"Topics Suitable for Composition" proposed by Thomas E. Hill, Hill's Manual of Social and Business Forms
  • The Bachelor's Home.
  • Discoveries of Galileo.
  • People whom we Meet.
  • Pleasures of Suburban Life.
  • Love Conquers Selfishness.
  • Things in a Country Store.
  • The Books we Ought to Read.
  • A Bar-Tender's Fearful Dream.
  • Home Amusements Considered.
  • My Garden, and What was In It.
  • Going to Visit Mother Next Week.
  • A Drunkard's Fate.
  • Beauty at Seventy-Five.
  • Adventures in a Snow-storm.
  • Description of a Spelling-Bee.
Need to produce some winning prose on a deadline? Try one of these topics, or mix and match. Discoveries of Galileo in a Country Store? A Drunkard's Suburban Life? I'd read that.


  1. I hope a lot of English teachers are printing this out for days when they're just not feeling it.

  2. A Drunkard's Adventure in My Garden. by Morticia Addams.

  3. Going to Visit Mother Next Week: A Drunkard's Fate - now that could be a best selling novel.

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