Friday, April 24, 2015

How to Grow Hair, 1660

Jacob Ferdinand Voet, Portrait of a Young
Man of the Chigi Family
(17th c.)

"Of Ointments to restore the Hair... The shells of Sea Hedge-hogs burnt, and wrought together with Bears-grease, lay upon the places, being first rubbed... Take of Mouseturd, Frankincense, each two ounces, dissolve them in the sharpest Vinegar, and anoint the place, first shaved."

Johann Jacob Wecker, Arts Master-piece

Every well-coiffed gentleman's secret weapon: a medicine cabinet full of sea urchins and mouse turds.


  1. I'm a long way from sea urchins, but unfortunately I know exactly where I could find some mouse turds.

  2. Damn, my secret is out. Now it'll be near impossible to find the ingredients. Thanks Ask the Past!