Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How to Stop Sneezing, 1664

La methode curative (1561), Wellcome Library
“In Neesing, there is a sudden sending forth of Air with more force and noise and a shaking of the whol Body... Palliate the Nostrils, with the Vapor of warm water, and anoynt them with Butter, Milk, Oyl, Oyl of Gourds, Poppies, Henbane, and with the white of an Egg and Mucilages. All fresh… Press and rub the Ears and Eyes, and pul the Nose, rub the Palate with the Finger and Comb the Head… Holding of the breath as it Cure the Hickets, so doth it Neesing, if the Nose and Mouth be stopped. Also frighting will cure Neesing, as soon as Hickets." 
Platerus Golden Practice 
Can't stop Neesing? No problem: just fill your nose with slime.

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