Thursday, December 22, 2016

How to Cure Congestion, 1682

Giovanni Battista Ferrari, Hesperides (1646)
"For a Cold and stuffing in the Head, to draw Rheum from the Head, and comfort the Brain. Take an Orange, and pare off very thin the yellow Rind; rowl it up conveniently to thrust up into the Nostril, turning the inner moist side outward to be next your flesh within the Nose; put a rowl into each Nostril. It will cause sneesing, and will make much water run down at the Nose, and comfort the Brain."
G. Hartman, The True Preserver and Restorer of Health 
If you like your martini with a twist, try your head cold with a twist!


  1. Oh my! Somehow I was expecting a "nice cup of lemon tea" as a treatment!

  2. I'll stick steam and eucalyptus oil, thanks! Still, if you didn't have eucalyptus you might decide to stick orange rind into your nose. It must have worked at least once for it to turn up in advice, but you have to wonder how anyone would get th idea in the first place. "Hmm, I have a cold, I've eaten the orange I got for Christmas, wonder if I can do something with the rind?"

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