Monday, June 25, 2018

How to Picnic, 1387

Getty MS 27, f. 60v (1430-1440)
"The place where the assembly will be held should be a beautiful green meadow, with beautiful trees all around, well separated from one another, and a clear fountain or some running water... And they should spread out towels and cloths everywhere on the green grass, and put out various meats in great abundance according to the power of the lord. And some people should eat sitting, some standing, some resting on their elbows; and some people should drink, some should laugh, perform and tell stories and play, and in short all the festivities and delights." 
Gaston Phoebus, Livre de chasse
Picnic success checklist:
well separated trees
abundant meats
elbow resters
designated drinkers

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  1. It's clear they have not followed the advice in the picture. No water for one thing. And how well separeted are those trees really? If I understand correctly the designated drinker isn't very happy either, and he's had to pay dearly for that small cup.