Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Eat Seasonally, 1746

Peter Jacob Horemans, Still Life (1769)
"Experience teacheth, that Hens are best in January; Eggs in February; Lamb, Kid, Pidgeons and Veal in March; Herbs in April; Cockles in May; Bucks and Salmon in June, July, and August; Gunards in September; Oysters in all Months in whose name an R is found; Pork, Bacon, and Cabbage in frosty Weather, &c.
Thomas Moffet, Health's Improvement (1746)
That pesky no-oysters-in-no-R-months rule is a venerable tradition. Perhaps it's time to rename the summer months: Mray, Juner, Jurly, and Augurst. In the meantime, enjoy your bucks and salmon!


  1. I'll go for the pork, bacon, and cabbage, preferably all together, thanks very much!

  2. It's hard to eat eggs in February if you've eaten all the hens in January.


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