Friday, July 17, 2015

How to Choose a Sports Drink, 1899

Charles Terront (Le Petit Journal, Sept. 26, 1891)
"The cause of thirst, what best quenches it, what one should not drink, the opinion of the medical profession in regard to the fancy drinks, etc., are all questions which profoundly interest the bicyclist... Of the different fancy drinks, iron tonics, blood purifiers, magic strength-impacters, etc., it is necessary to say very little. Leave them alone, one and all, from A to Z. They are apt to do you more harm than good. It is true the effects of Kola and its class are increased strength, endurance, wind and general well-being, as long as you continue to take them in ever-increasing doses, but when you stop – what then? Collapse... If you require a drink that shall be strengthening as well as refreshing, you can take nothing better than a glass of cool water with a teaspoonful of Wyeth's Beef Juice in it. The nourishment in that will be equal in amount to what is contained in a half-pound of steak."  
Victor Neesen, Dr. Neesen's Book on Wheeling
Looking for a performance-enhancing drink that won't get you in trouble for doping? Try beef juice: so much more convenient than sucking on a steak during the race.


  1. So, Bovril (, perhaps with a little sugar to taste? Sounds yummy

  2. Understanding that in this time frame the "Kolas" contained cocaine thus the "ever increasing doses" as one became habituated to the cocaine.

  3. Not just any beef juice, mind you, but Wyeth's beef juice - it's the beefiest!


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