Wednesday, October 31, 2018

How to Eat a Pumpkin, 1597

"The pulpe of the Pompion is never eaten raw, but boiled... The fruit boiled in milke and buttered, is not onely a good wholesome meate for mans bodie: but being so prepared, is also a most phisicall medicine for such as have an hot stomacke, and the inward parts inflamed. The flesh or pulpe of the same sliced and fried in a pan with butter, is also a good and wholesome meate: but baked with apples in an oven, it doth fill the bodie full of flatuous or windie belchings, and is foode utterly unwholesome for such as live idly; but unto robustious and rusticke people, nothing hurteth that filleth the belly."  
John Gerard, The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes
Try some baked pumpkin! A few windy belchings are sure to enliven your week.

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  1. Perhaps the Celtic version of this North American staple is the Turnip, hallowed out on Celtic New Year's Eve (31 Oct) and thus fashioned to hold a candle and therefore help illuminate the way through the abounding spirits. . .


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